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Handmade Soap!
One of my hobbies is making handmade soap with all natural ingredients. Go check it out!

Jennifer's Handmade Soap

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Come on by and see what I have!

8x09 Enemies Domestic
Broken Trust
I know...about half of these are bad...I just was so uninspired by the categories...and had a hard time finding images for the categories *sigh* Oh well here's what I got.

Secondary Character Negative Space Smile Running Joke Bottom
Shipped Pair At Their Desk Rotate Conflict Gibbs

One Character Two Characters Three Characters Four Characters Five Characters

Arist's Choice #1 Arist's Choice #2 Arist's Choice #3 Arist's Choice #4 Arist's Choice #5

NCIS 20in20: Tobias Fornell
GCBC Gibbs
Well here's what I managed...ran out of time on some of them and I admit they're not my best...but enjoy them anyway :)

Artistic Cheerful Dance Festive Gift
Holiday Laid Back Magnificent Retro Tired

5 CATEGORY - Song Lyrics
Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5

Arist's Choice #1 Arist's Choice #2 Arist's Choice #3 Arist's Choice #4 Arist's Choice #5

NCIS 20 in 20: Abby Scuito
Okay, this month's 20in20 icons. I like some...I wasn't too inspired by all the categories. And "Photoshoot" just totally eluded me. Nothing I did worked. Here they are. Enjoy.

Angelic Blue Corner Forever Internet slang
Naughty Past Sitting Unimpressed Victory

5 CATEGORY - Photoshoot
Photoshoot #1 Photoshoot #2 Photoshoot #3 Photoshoot #4 Photoshoot #5

Artist's Choice #1 Artist's Choice #2 Artist's Choice #3 Artist's Choice #4 Artist's Choice #5

Tutorial: Cropping
When it comes to cropping images the actual crop of the image is pretty much in the eye of the beholder. The one aspect though that you need to pay attention to when cropping is making sure you crop proportionately. Very important when it comes to square icons. It’s frustrating to see what would be a good icon disproportionate. What I mean is you don’t want to take a crop and the image is 105 x 101 pixels…so you just resize it to be 100x100 taking off the constraint options in PS. Even it seems like a small amount of stretching or shrinking…it still stands out. There are two ways to crop in PS. Both allow you to crop proportionately.

Cropping Tools
Crop Tool
Marquee tool

Method 1: Crop tool
You can basically drag your mouse and create any crop area you want. If you hold down the shift key while you use the crop it will drag a square around the area to be cropped. If you’re cropping for an icon – use the shift. We want a 100 x 100 pixel icon i.e. a square icon.

You can crop out a square area you want (no matter what the original image size is). After cropping the image go into IMAGE SIZE in the menu bar and reduce the pixels to 100 x 100 and there’s your icon (plus any work you’re going to do to it.)

You can also determine the specific size by changing some options in the Options Bar at the top of the screen.

With the Crop Tool selected, if you look up in the Options Bar at the top of the screen, you'll see a Width and Height option where you can enter in the exact width and height you need. If you wanted to crop an image to a 6” x 4” proportion you just type 6 in into the width and 4 in into the height. Drag your crop mouse over the image and it will keep the proportion you’ve called for. Double click in the image and there’s your crop.

Method 2: Marquee tool
The marquee tool will also allow you to select an exact size. In the options bar at the top of the screen you can select "Fixed Aspect Ratio", and change the proportions to 200x300 or whatever pixel size you want.

Drag the mouse over the area you wish to keep. If you don't get exactly what you want, you can select the area inside the dashed lines and use the arrows or the mouse to adjust the area.

Click Image > Crop from the main toolbar.

NCIS 20 in 20: Ziva David (Season 4)
Here are this month's icons for NCIS 20in20. I did Ziva from season 4 (one of my favorite seasons.) Most of the icons I like, a couple categories I had a hard time finding images they're not the best. That and Black and White is not my strong suit...but here they are anyway. Enjoy!

Appearance Celebrate Devilish Dramatic Family
Forever Guest Hands Nostalgic Party

5 CATEGORY - Black & White
Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5

Arist's Choice #1 Arist's Choice #2 Arist's Choice #3 Arist's Choice #4 Arist's Choice #5

NCIS Icons
I'm not bothering him
Some of these were made for the NCIS Rumble Icon challenge, some were for the NCIS_lims challenges. Others were ones I made just for fun on my own. My favorite are without a doubt #11 and #12 which was a "set" we had to do for one of the NCIS_lims challenges.

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28

NCIS 20in20: Ziva and Gibbs
I had fun this month! I do love Ziva and Gibbs. Hope you guys enjoy these icons, cause I had fun making them. Also included alternates in the previous post.


Amused Call me Event Hat Large Text
Old Pop art Rotate Struggle Young

5 CATEGORY - Negative Space
Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5

Arist's Choice #1 Arist's Choice #2 Arist's Choice #3 Arist's Choice #4 Arist's Choice #5

Alternates for 20in20 Challenge: Ziva and Gibbs
Alternates for: Old, Young, Pop Art, Negative Space, Artist Choice...

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Tutorial: Keyboard Shortcuts (Photoshop)
Posted this on TeachElite, but figured I'd like to have record of it on my livejournal page as well, so I'm posting it here too for anyone who's not a member of TeachElite (which if you aren't you should go JOIN if you're an icon maker!!!)

Keyboard Shortcuts

When I first learn a new program I tend to rely heavily on the icon “buttons”. However once I have a decent command of the program I tend to get lazy and moving my mouse back and forth to constantly select the tool I want becomes too much work so I start to seek out the keyboard shortcuts.

I thought I’d share my list of the most essential commands with everyone. I’ll also provide a couple links that provide a more comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts if you want to explore further. Anyway, hopefully it’s helpful to you. I know keyboard vs. icon really is a preference thing, but if you’ve never tried the keyboard shortcuts give it a try. I especially love it when I need to move between tools.

Note: Some commands do depend on the version of PS you are using – all of these are for CS3 (the version I use) but I believe most of these basic commands (if not all) should be translatable to other PS versions.

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